Keeping Your Mouthpiece Clean

Keeping Your Mouthpiece Clean

If sediment, food or dust collects inside your mouthpiece, the throat and backbore will gradually become smaller. This will interfere with the response, tone quality and intonation of your instrument. Clean your mouthpiece at least once a week, brushing out the inside with mouthpiece brush and soapy water to maintain the original response and intonation.

If the silver plating of your mouthpiece has worn off, the mouthpiece should either be refinished or discarded. Caution: Exposure to raw brass can lead to an allergic reaction or poisioning.

REKA Mouthpiece Disinfectant SprayREKA Mouthpiece Disinfectant Spray

Made in the USA, this is a very effective mouthpiece steriliser! Contains active ingredients to thoroughly de-germ any mouthpiece. Full instructions included. Mouthpieces must be rinsed after using Steri-Spray.

Superslick Clarinet and Saxophone Mouthpiece BrushSuperslick Clarinet and Saxophone Mouthpiece Brush

For clarinet and saxophone mouthpieces.

Opti-care Saxophone Mouthpiece CleanerOpti-care Saxophone Mouthpiece Cleaner

The Opti-Care Saxophone mouthpiece cleaner helps absorb moisture from the mouthpiece while not in use, keeping it clean.

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