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Slide-o-Mix Big Splendour Lacquer Polish 50mlSlide-o-Mix Big Splendour Lacquer Polish 50ml

Big Spleandour is a protective lacquer polish for brass instruments, which preserves and restores the finish by creating a high, clear, polish fillm on the surface of the brass. The polish is alcohol/solvent-free; it has a natural wax base. It is also nonabrasive and so will not cause any damage to the surface of the instrument.

The polish should be applied by gently rubbing amounts onto the instrument with a lint-free cloth.

Reka Key Oil - Squeeze BottleReka Key Oil - Squeeze Bottle

A very handy squeeze bottle containing high quality, extra fine key oil for woodwind instruments. A very cost effective way of helping your instrument's keys move smoothly.

H311 Key Oil Needle Applicator H311 Key Oil Needle Applicator

H311 precision key oiler. High grade fine oil for key work on wood wind instruments, to help keep keys moving smoothly with incredibly accurate application via a "needle" type nozzle.

Reka Brass Lacquer Protection SprayReka Brass Lacquer Protection Spray

For all lacquer finish instruments - lacquer protection in spray form. 150ml bottle.

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