Denis Wick A9005 Tuner and MetronomeDenis Wick A9005 Tuner and Metronome

The Denis Wick 3 in 1 Tuner, Metronome and Tone Generator. A metronome is an essential tool for all musicians, and tuners have become equally important. They are combined here in a compact and powerful device with a tone generator - ideal for giving tuning notes for instrumentalists and starting pitches for choirs. The DWA9005 also transposes, making it ideal for use in bands. It will even work in noisy surroundings - simply clip on the microphone to the bell of the instrument and connect it to the tuner! The tuner works to an accuracy of 100th of semitone and covers a range from A=410 to A=450 making it invaluable for performance of baroque music (where the pitch is often much lower than modern pitch) and for performance with European orchestras and bands, which often play at A442 or A444.
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Seiko SAT501 Chromatic TunerSeiko SAT501 Chromatic Tuner

Stylish new Chromatic Tuner with sound reference and high accuracy chromatic tuning. Offers supremely accurate tuning. Large clear LCD display and intuative layout for easy operation.

Tuning Range: A0~C8
Sound Generation: C4~B4 (1 Octave)
Pitch Shift: A4=410~450Hz (1Hz step)
Line-in / Line-out
STM20 Clip-style pick-up Microphone attachable as an option

Snark Qwiktune All Instrument TunerSnark Qwiktune All Instrument Tuner

With its Incredibly fast tuning recognition, the Qwik Tune SN2 Snark is an incredible new clip on tuner, with software that enables the player to get closer to perfect pitch than with other tuners. Fully Chromatic Tuner with Full Color LCD Display which Rotates 360 Degrees, Stay Put Clip, Fast and Accurate with Transpose Feature, Choose Internal Mic or High Sensitivity Vibration Sensor. Pitch Calibration 415-466 Hz and Extended Frequency Range to cover all Instrumentso Fully Chromatic Tuner. Includes Tap Tempo Metronome.

Qwik Tune Chromatic Tuner with Pitch PipeQwik Tune Chromatic Tuner with Pitch Pipe

Qwik Tune QT-12 "Next Generation" chromatic tuner.
Very compact, tunes all instruments.
Includes "pitch-pipe" facility which plays reference tones for easy tuning.
Fast and accurate LCD meter.
LEDs for fine tuning.
Automatic "hands free" tuning.
Built in microphone.
Tunes "severely out of tune" instruments.

KORG TM 40 Digital Metronome and TunerKORG TM 40 Digital Metronome and Tuner

Korg tuners and metronomes are acclaimed around the world for their extremely high accuracy and superb features. The new TM-40 combines these two functions (together or independently) into a single compact easy-to-use unit. A large LCD display shows great accuracy. The incredibly sensitve tuner can be used for even very low pitched instruments. In addition to the visual tuning guide provided by the meter, you can use the TM-40ís built-in speaker to produce a tuning reference pitch (Sound Out). This is convenient for tuning by ear and also useful for ear training. The TM-40ís Calibration setting is adjustable in a range of 410~480 Hz to accommodate a variety of tuning standards, and can be adjusted in 1Hz steps.

The metronome has a beat mode and various preset patterns. Beat mode lets you choose a preset tempo and time signature, and Tap mode lets you specify your own tempo. The compact TM-40 contains a large speaker that produces a clear and distinct metronome sound.

Seiko STX1 Chromatic Clip-on TunerSeiko STX1 Chromatic Clip-on Tuner

Clip-style - can be clipped to bell of instrument.
Tuning range A0-C8.
Sound generation C4-B4.
Pitch shift A4=415,438-445Hz.
Built-in vibration sensor. High visibility with flexible face.

John Walker Tuning ForksJohn Walker Tuning Forks

John Walker Tuning Forks have been manufactured for over 150 years in Sheffield, England. The workmanship and accuracy are of the best quality. The blued steel and chrome plated tuning forks are produced from hardened and tempered steel and tuned to 20°c to achieve pure notes of strong duration. Please select from the drop-down list below, either the A440Hz - Orchestral Standard Pitch, or the Low E329.6Hz for Guitar (acoustic and electric).

Tuning Fork - Orchestral or Low Guitar